F2181-20 Couple and Family Therapy with Dr. Charles O’Leary

Friday 1st May and Saturday 2nd of May 2020
Cabinet des Berges, Passage des Ateliers 7, 1800 Vevey
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Therapists or Counselors
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It is our great privilege to welcome Dr. Charles O'Leary in Switzerland for a two-day workshop in the Cabinet des Berges in Vevey.
Dr Charles J. O'Leary is a licensed marriage and family therapist and American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Approved Supervisor in private practice in Denver, Colorado, USA. He has held faculty positions teaching graduate students at National University, San Diego, California, San Diego State University and Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Charles is the author of Counseling Couples and Families: A Person-Centred Approach, published by Sage in 1999, which has sold over 3000 copies in English and been translated into Italian and Japanese.
For two days, we will have the pleasure of enjoying Charles’ presence and inspiration. We will build together the program on the basis of the interests of the participants and what Charles suggests based on his latest work. Be sure not to miss this great opportunity. I’m sure that we will spend an unforgettable moment together and this will be an occasion for rich learning and exchange. The seminar will take place in English.
Animatrices | Animateurs
Olivier Siegenthaler, certified psychotherapist, instructor pca.acp
Charles O’Leary, USA, licensed marriage and family therapist
CHF 800.-
Reduction of CHF 50.- for pca.acp members
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minimum of 10 participants
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Olivier Siegenthaler, olivier.siegenthaler@cabinet-des-berges.ch, T 079 693 30 12
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1st of April 2020
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Ce séminaire équivaut à 16 séances de formation continue.

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22ème Formation postgraduée en psychothérapie centrée sur la personne (C. Rogers), Module 1, 2019-2022, reconnue par la Confédération et les org. faîtières FSP, SBAP, SSPP/FMH
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9ème formation de diplôme de praticien ou de praticienne en relation d'aide et en entretien centrée sur la personne (C.Rogers), cycle 2, 2017-2019
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27ème formation à la relation d'aide et à l'entretien centrée sur la personne (C. Rogers), cycle 1, 2019-2021
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